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Drinking from a medical perspective

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    I was reading my friend's livejournal and I read this

    though (some person) kept telling me to finish my drink until i ended up chugging the rest of my mickey of vodka (i know it wasn't smart, but i was already drunk so my judgement was a bit impaired...)
    i payed for it big time the next day though... i woke up with my back in absolute pain... and it didnt occur to me until midday that it was actually hurting right through from my back to my front and i asked (some person) where your liver is and she pointed exactly where it hurt...
    so basically my liver is telling me to leave it alone or else it'll really let me have it...
    i was actually scared that it had burst or something (thats how much it friggin hurt) and the funny part is though, i was more scared that it had burst and that i had to explain to my parents *why* it hurt more than i was scared about any medical problems...
    thankfully though, im fine now... so i guess it didn't burst... just really doesn't like me :P

    I want to talk to her, but I don't know what to say, exactly. I thought maybe you guys could give me a medical perspective on this so that I know what to tell her

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    Well, for starters, livers don't burst, but heavy or long-term alcohol consumption can lead to permanent liver damage. Though, more likely she was feeling her stomach, which is located just behind the liver, and is more likely to have been in pain after a night of overconsumption.

    If you're asking about what to say to her about drinking, I think from the entry that she's already aware that what she did was stupid and she regrets it. Does she know you read her journal? (Is a livejournal like a blog that anyone can read, or would this be considered snooping?) If you were snooping, there's really very little you can say that won't get you in more trouble with her for snooping, but if it's something anyone could read, then you could just mention that you read about that incident and suggest she take your number with her so if she winds up stuck in a situation like that again, she can call you and you'll make sure she has a safe ride home rather than leaving her to a crowd of people pushing her to drink too much.
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    I wasn't snooping.
    a livejournal is like a blog you can see them at www.livejournal.com
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    She says the liver can burst because it happened to some family member of hers
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    I've occasionally had a pain in what I've attributed to my liver after periods of excessive and prolonged drinking, as a result of being a student.

    I say it was my liver, - I got my medic mate to show me just where my liver is and it was in that area. Definitely not in the stomach, or even during a hangover, just a few days after a period of excess.

    Anyway, if something makes something hurt, don't do it!
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