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Drip disposal

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    i need some link or help or maybe some comments on different methods of drip disposal in a gas power cycle(rankine cycle).:confused::confused:quite honestly , i was sleeping:zzz::zzz: in the class, so i didnt get anything:shy::shy:.
    geez i dont even know what drip disposal is?? can anyone explain:uhh::uhh:
    i didnt find it in my textbook. i googled but didnt find anything, neither on wiki. i have to submitt an assignment by tomorrow:cry::cry::cry: help:shy::shy:
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    Expecting an answer within 2 hours because you didn't pay attention in class is probably not the best way to get help here!

    Personally, I haven't a clue.
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    yea i know. and i am feeling guilty for that but what else can i do??
    but not that guilty, lecture was of 2 and a half hour. almost 90% of class was sleeping. aaargh..its not entirely my fault
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    I have never heard the term when used in this context.
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    I found this:
    So how do you get rid of the condensation? Don't you recycle it somehow?
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    hey thanks kach for the link, but it has nothing of drip disposal.
    anyways i got it now, i didnt sleep in the lecture today;))
    drip is the condensation of steam during the regeneration process. in closed type feed water heaters, bled steam condenses after giving off its energy to the feed water, that condensed steam is called drip. that is sent back to the main condenser.
    correct me if i am wrong somewhere
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    Makes sense to me, but I'm no engineer.
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