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Driving 15 LCD Possible?

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    Driving 15" LCD Possible?

    Hey Physics Forum,

    I have some large LCD's such as those out of laptops and I was wondering if they can be turned into a monitor for a computer or something such as a project screen. I'm not so much looking for a step-by-step or any instructions because I'm not that advanced yet just a basic yes or no with a little info. I have a 4ish inch from a PDA w/touchscreen, one 11", one 14"ish, and two 1650x1050 15" LCD's.

    Thoughts? Idea's?

    Very Respectfully,
    Voltux (I did not mean to make this related to pokemon. I realized this after I clicked submit.)
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    Re: Driving 15" LCD Possible?

    Yes, but it'll probably cost you more than a new LCD monitor would cost you:

    (That was from a Google search for 'laptop LCD as monitor'). Your best bet may actually be the one from the PDA, but even assuming there's an easy hardware interface, you'd have to write a lot of custom code to control it yourself.
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    Re: Driving 15" LCD Possible?

    Thanks for the reply, That answered my question.

    I have some dead laptops and I hate to throw them out because most of the components are still good. Lucky for me though the PDA screen is from Sony and has a data sheet.

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    Re: Driving 15" LCD Possible?

    You could eBay them as non-functioning 'spare parts' laptops, or go the next step and actually strip them down and sell the individual (functional) parts. Laptop LCDs are quite pricey (OEM or manufacturer), so you can often find quite the market for used ones.
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