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Driving relay with low current

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    Hey. I am trying to use a single quick pulse of about 2.5 mA to run a latching relay. I know that this signal needs to be amplified (probably with a transistor) but am unfamiliar on how to do this.

    Thanks for the help,

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    Here is a relay driver. The diode in this circuit is used to protect the transistor from high voltage that is being induced by the relay coil.

    http://www.vlearnvshare.com/home/images/articles/NPN-DRIVER1.GIF [Broken]
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    If the relay current is over 50 milliamps, you should use a Darlington transistor, such as the TIP120 (available at Radioshack) or equivalent. See datasheet


    The current gain at saturation is ~250. You should also have a 10k resistor from the data input to ground.

    Bob S
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    Thanks for the help. I'm going to get the parts today so I'll let you know.
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