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DRM is comming BEWARE

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    read this link

    and discuss DRM

    sounds like a real can of worms

    "" Intel announced the launch of its new Pentium D dual-core processor and accompanying 945 chipset on Thursday. Digit Online notes that Intel steered clear of mentioning the included digital rights management technology (DRM) at its Australian launch of the new products. They do note however that Intel's Australian technical manager Graham Tucker publicly confirmed Microsoft-flavored DRM technology will be a feature of Pentium D and 945 chipset. Intel has chosen to hype up what it calls active management technology (AMT) in the new chips as a major plus for system administrators and enterprise IT, possibly to draw attention away from the DRM. ""

    this can turn your computer in to a pig/cop/nark that reports your actions
    no wonder MS/intel donot want you to know about it :bugeye: :yuck:
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    Trully, I am really worried :redface:
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    I'm not all that worried about this affecting Linux. In the worst case you would have some kernel level driver that emulates the DRM interface and tricks the software into thinking you have complete rights.

    It is like the broadcast flag. If the software doesn't check the flag before recording then it doesn't matter that it has such a feature.

    If your a windows user then it is a completely different story. You have no control over what type of code is run in the windows kernel.
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