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Drop Test

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    I want to do a Drop Test Analysis of my structure(Honeycomb like a box) from a height of 20ft...with free fall gravity....can i simulate this analysis in Ansys......will i have to purchase some specific module of this analysis in ansys....what is ASTM standard for this particular test?
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    I think Ansys has an special module of Dynamic analysis, where unsteady effects are allowed. I only have the Static one.
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    Yeah, you can run the analysis in Ansys, it can perform transient dynamic analyses. I believe it is available in most Ansys releases, at least the pro, structural, multiphysics ones.

    The ASTM standard E436 on drop-weight tear test might be usable, not directly for composites but in applied sense. You can search the ASTM site for closer references, they have lots of standards suited for specific purposes like drop tests for different sort of containers etc., perhaps some of those would be directly applicable.
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    It depends what parts of Ansys you already have. The drop test is a contact/impact problem, which the basic versions of many FE codes can't address.
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