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Dropa stones

  1. Dec 6, 2003 #1
    This site claims to have the story of one of the most mysterious archaeological finds of all time. I'm curious and skeptical as to how the language was decoded.

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    I heard of these, I didn't know there were pictures. Unfortunatly, I tend toward thinking it is a hoax. But at this point I don't think there is enough infomation to come to any meaningful conclusion. Do we know where they are now, or have they mysteriously disappeared, as things like this always do?
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    Why does no one respond? Does no one know?
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    If it is a hoax, its really impressive. Microscopic engravings on the disc, along with its own language. Sounds like a very complex scheme to pull off.

    That disc does somewhat resembles some yen coins.
    I guess if someone wanted to check they could cross-reference foriegn relations of the Hams tribe with the strange 4-feet people w/large heads.

    hmm... I don't know what to think.
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    Oh I hate that Von Daniken!!! He says the stupidest things and they always have him on TV. If I had known this before I wouldn't have put another thought into these claims. "Nasca lines=spacecraft runway"! I could just hurt him...that idiot....
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    I never heard of this Von Daniken. I can't make any conclusions myself since there is really no verifiable evidence on either side.
  9. Dec 22, 2003 #8
    He has published books and been on TV, I think all his work is in trying to find proof that the aliens are/were amoung us. Anyway, for a time I found his ideas interesting, but as is often shown in this field, his ideas are unnecessarily complex, there is no need to invoke the aliens any more than an act of God in any of the things he says is proof. But since I obviously have a strong opinion of him, you should research him yourself, or ask what Ivan thinks or knows of him.
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    I think I might check him out myself. I don't know why but Ivan hasn't posted a single reply to any of my threads.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Sorry Einsteinian77, my time at PF has mostly been very limited lately.

    My understanding is that the popular story about these stones is a fraud. I don't have any particularly good links for this one, but I think ray b has it covered. :smile:

    As for Von Daniken, I think he has a few interesting ideas, and a lot of bad ones.
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    The two are not mutually exclusive. From what I have seen, all his ideas are bad, but some are interesting.

    He is not just bad at science and prone to whimsy. He has been demonstrated to be an intentional fraud. I never even entertain the possibilty he may be right about anything. You can make mistakes, even a lot of mistakes, and be taken seriously, but after fraud, your word is worthless.

  13. Jan 1, 2004 #12

    Ivan Seeking

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    I wasn't aware of any fraud. What did he do?

    Let me guess, the ornaments that look like aircraft were faked?
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