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In summary, the conversation is discussing the parameters for an object to achieve a force of 203.66N when dropped from a certain height. There is a question about the appropriate formula to use and a suggestion to vary the mass of the object to achieve the desired force. The conversation also touches on the potential complications of varying the mass and finding a mathematical function to calculate the final mass at the moment of impact.
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Homework Statement

An object with a mass of 6.8kg travels at 29.95 m/s has a force of 203.66N What height would this same object needed to be dropped from in order to achieve the same force?

Homework Equations

Not sure which formulas to use for this?

The Attempt at a Solution

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is it "the same force or same velocity" at he end of the question
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Same force is what I need.
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If same force is needed then it is not possible for any height. At any height Earth's gravitation will be approx. 9.8 and F = mg and mass will remain constant.
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it is definitely same velocity
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I have a product that needs to pass an impact test of a 6.8kg object traveling at 29.95 m/s. What I am wanting to do it recreate this situation but in a vertical fashion. The weight of the object can vary as long as I end up with the impact force.
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this means mass has to be variable how are you planning to vary mass
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By adding weight to the object being dropped to achieve the desired impact force.
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is the velocity 29.95 at the moment of impact
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Yes, am I missing something?
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according to me the initial weight of object should be varied mathematically with a function
so that by the time it reaches ground its weight becomes 203.66 N from 68 N now we have height as a variable and some mathematical function you wish to use, final velocity of the object. try to write mass in terms of time
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thread ur question again so that more learned people can go through it and try to elucidate the situation a bit more it is getting complicated That is all i can offer

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