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Dropping Language Senior Year

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    Hello all, I'm a current junior in High School. A year from now I'll be applying to schools for Physics or Astronomy, I have good-to-great grades, great SAT/PSAT scores, and I believe I can get into some top colleges. My question is regarding Language (French in particular), I've taken French for 4 years now, I've always hated it, but I've manged to get through with good grades.

    Next year for my senior year, I have the ability to drop language. I've always hated taking it, so when I realized I could do this I jumped at the opportunity. My question is will Colleges and Universities look down on me for dropping Language, and will it significantly effect my likelihood of getting into great schools?
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    This doesn't answer your question, but you should note that some (many?) schools REQUIRE you to take foreign language as part of your general requirements. Some schools have a language placement test, and if you get placed into a language class, you may have to go through the sequence of courses until you pass the 2nd semester of the intermediate (2nd year) level.

    Another thing to consider is this: it's possible that if you take a language senior year, enter a college that has a language placement test and take it, you may get a high enough score so that you get exempt from taking language classes in college.

    Or, maybe the next level language course you take senior year is an AP course, and so, if you take it and receive a high enough score, you could get AP credit from the college you end up attending.

    In any event, you'll need to check the requirements for the schools to which you plan on applying. Talking to your guidance counselor would be a good bet.
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    Thank you, I already have been told I probably should, I just wanted to double check mostly because of how little I want to, but thanks anyway.
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