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Dropping one Mayor

  1. Apr 18, 2008 #1
    I´m a bit in a dilema at the moment :
    I started studying at Technical University of Munich ( Im German btw) 3 semesters ago and thanks to not sleeping working all the time i compled nearly 6 semesters worth of physics and the standard curiculum in math for the three semesters.
    Now im wondering how to go on because i kinda have a lot of problems with the math degree here in munich, that´s why i just went standard pace here :)
    It mostly consists of rather lame calc, lin alg, real analysis stuff and the focus is more on numerical computations and statistics/probability so more the applied sector which is rather uninteressting for since im more in theretical physics and only took the math degree to give me some kind of extra knowledge but it really didn´t i didn´t learn anything from the math department and just went through maths as kind of a self learner, didn´t listen to lectures and stuff just did assignments and went to exams.
    Now my situation is the following:

    Completed douple the expected courses in physics ( even a bit more) as usual in 3 semesters ( good - outstanding grades)

    Completed normal math curriculum(average grades)

    Now i really see a chance for completing my physics degree in 2 more semesters what would mean i did it in half time, even though a had a pretty big advantage going to a high gifted boarding school before easily worth 2 semesters university from the knowledge point of view :), what i guess would give me kind of an advantage in the race for grad schools.
    The drawback here is that i guess i would have to drop the math mayor completely since i don´t see any chance beeing able to keep goint that fast pace in physics with strugling with numerical computations and loads of total nonsense homework :(

    So my question is should i drop the math mayor or not, whereby you should only consider the gradschool job market point of view since as i tried to explain the other aspects of math here suck anyways?

    Thanks for some advice and sorry for the wired writing style but that thing kinda creeped me out right now during lunch and i really had to write it down :)

    PS: How do you see chances for a german guy to go to ivy league universities when having finished physics diploma, equal to masters degree over here, in half the time with really good grades and teaching experience? :)
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  3. Apr 20, 2008 #2
    I'd say, get your Vordiplom in Math and leave it at that.

    I've never applied to the US, but I think you'd be better advised to get some research experience under your belt, than study something you're not interested in.
  4. Apr 20, 2008 #3
    yeah i guess completing the prediploma would be the right thing to do but i hate numerical computation lab so much :D
    No seriously you´re right i guess having my prediploma still allows me to continue maths one day if i really want to :)
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