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Drosophila catcher

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    I remember somewhere a trick to catch loose Drosophila.
    It might have been beer in a beaker which they drink
    and then drown? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    jim mcnamara

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    We used to do this, but with yeast + water + banana.


    If you have a major escape on your hands, putting up flypaper near the jar helps, just don't get your hair stuck in it like I did.... Major escapes usually mean having to spray. Which is often a no-no in labs.
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    Cut the top off a plastic water/soda bottle, invert it in the body of the bottle, and tape up the edges. Now you have a passive fly-trap that you can bait with fruit juice, bits of fruit, etc.
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    I can tell you from personal experience that there's nothing the little sots love more than Scotch. While I was tending bar, we could get away with putting a Saran Wrap cover over the limes and lemons, and the things like banana liquer were alright with the speed-spouts in. The Scotch bottles had so many fruit-flies in them that I had to pour them through coffee filters into second bottles. Then I put rubber caps over the spouts, thinking that it'd be okay. Nope... the bastards were so determined that they crawled in through the vent holes. I finally had to give up and put the screw-caps back on. :grumpy:
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