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Drude and Sommerfeld theory

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    What are assumptions on which the Drude model and the Sommerfeld model Match? and In which assumptions both differs???
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    Is this a homework problem? The answer should be clear from a reading of the first few chapters of a basic solid state physics text, like Ashcroft & Mermin or Kittel.
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    No it isn't a homework, I just want to make sure that my conclusions are right.
    My answer for the matches would be: In both cases were proposed a free electron besides the importance from the potential of the nucleus, and the interaction between electrons, could be important given its proximity.
    And the resulting from a collision is supposed not depend of the configuration of the electrons at the collision moment

    And differs is:
    That drude apply the Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics and sommerfeld applies the fermi dirac statistics to the electon conduction. Sommerfeld applies the theory of fermi dirac to the electronic velocity distribution

    I read the book the ashcroft before you told me, I just wanna make sure that my conclusions are right
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    Yeah, that sounds about right.
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