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Drug design

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    does anyone know a website that has tutorials on drug design?
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    which drug are you interested in manufacturing?

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    not any particular drug.i just want tutorials on the general design of drugs.okay, let's say amphetamines.
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    Go to rhodium's site, www.rhodium.ws/chemistry[/url] . Then go to [url]www.the-hive.ws[/URL] . You'll find all you need on illicit drug manufacturing.
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    Hang on. There's a big difference between drug design and drug synthesis.

    If you want to make illicit drugs, I wouldn't trust anything off of the internet. Many are fakes and purposefully dangerous. One I read would have evolved hydrogen cyanide gas and quite possibly have killed the unexpecting dingus.
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    He said he wanted a general tutorial on the design of amphetamines. Much of that information can be found on either of the sites I listed, more prominently on rhodium's site. I actually read something from that site that was similar to just what he was asking, in the amphetamine section. Most of the information, I believe, was taken from PiHkal. It had to do with adding various groups to the benzene ring and testing the results.

    Not all syntheses are illegitamite. But you are right about some of them being dangerous, notably those that come from "The Anarchist's Cookbook" or similar references. I'd trust the things from rhodium's site. I'm not saying that everything there is legatimate but I'd put my trust in most of it. But that's just me. And I don't manufacture drugs, but if I WERE into that kind of thing, I think rhodium would be the best bet.
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    Actually, the production of methamphetamines produces decent quantities of poison gases...there have been cases of illegal drug makers dying so fast they didn't even have a chance to get out of their chair...they just BAM! fell over dead.

    Dude, just take a No-Doze and get a job somewhere, ok?
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    Is that Ash from Evil Dead?
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    Yes...yes it is.
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    If you really want to learn drug design, there are some very good books on the topic and will be far more thorough than a website can be. You may want to check out Richard Silverman's book (which was just updated, as I recall hearing). Although I'd suggest finding a library copy somewhere first, it's kind of expensive to actually buy the thing. :)

    However, http://www.finchcms.edu/cms/biochem/walters/walters_lect/walters_lect.html [Broken] is a reasonably brief but good overview of how drug design works.
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