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Dry cells

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    I didn't know they still made these anymore, but I just picked up a few zinc-carbon batteries from the corner store (not knowing they were zinc-carbon - I just bought them because they were three times cheaper than the other ones :rolleyes: ).

    Correct me if I'm mistaken but the anode is the case, so if I leave these things in my appliance for too long they'll leak, right? (and it says 0% mercury added, which doesn't help matters)

    I know i *should* be annoyed about this but I can't help thinking how quaint it is that they still mass produce these :smile:

    p.s. they're called 'special power' - I love how they give the crappiest batteries names with the most impact :rofl:
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    I'm thinking just a couple years ago all the major manufacturers were still making them. Not that I know why, but they weren't really hard to find. Now it seems like the only ones left are made in one asian country or another.

    The case is zinc, yes. I read somewhere that amalgamating it was just about impossible to do away with if you wanted them to work decently at all, so I wouldn't trust the claims they are mercury-free unless you test for it yourself.

    Strictly speaking all regular household batteries are "dry" cells. Wet cells are probably not manufactured by anyone any more, but they were obviously full of fluid and spilled if you knocked them over.
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    Sealed lead acid batteries are most likely still manufactured. I have had no reason to check though. I'm sure gel cells are still manufactured also.
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    A primary cell?
    Don't think I've ever heard of this.
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