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Dry Erase Board recommendation?

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    is there much of a difference from economy and melamine? i plan on buying more than one and most likely will have them in different locations.

    links removed by me! thanks for the input :)
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    They both have melamine writing surfaces. The more expensive board has a marker tray at the bottom, which you will appreciate, if you want to brainstorm ideas without first rounding up a few markers. Trays are much handier than coffee-cups, etc for holding your markers for quick access.
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    Chi Meson

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    I never use my tray. I have four cups, each with 5 to 10 markers, separated by colors. Store them with the caps down. If one fails to write sufficiencly dark, away it goes, grab another. Use a disposable "shop cloth" (available at auto part stores) for erasing. Don't bother with the freakin' erasers they sell--they're disposable too, but spend more time smearing and making dust that stains. [/$.02]
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    Yes, shop cloths are great erasers. Cotton washable ones are great - just soak them in rubbing alcohol and water, wring 'em out, and dry them for reuse. I like the trays, but maybe that's just me. I'm not organized enough to keep track of the cups, colors, etc. when I can just grab one, two, or three colors off the tray. If I had several dry-erase boards scattered around my workspace, I wouldn't want to have to maintain table-space and cups for multiple colors. The trays would be fine, though.
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    i'm at school right now working and i'm using the white board to study

    i'm definitely buying one today :) and thanks for the advice on the cotton washable, i'll look for it today.
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    Actually, I think both are described as having a marker tray. I really can't see any difference between the two. It might be something minor, like the frame detail. Probably worth just looking at them in person and seeing if you can discern any difference. If not, go with the cheaper one.

    My markers have overflowed the tray too (I have a lot of different colors, mostly just for fun, but they come in handing when I'm diagramming neuronal pathways and want to keep track of different neurotransmitters through different colors). And, actually, when they are on the tray, I wind up knocking them off while writing anyway (my board in my home office is about the size of the one roco is looking at). In fact, it might be the very same one (I'm sure it was whatever one was the cheapest, because I'm not one to spend extra unless there's a very obvious difference between two styles that would enhance functionality). Hmm...if that's the case, the difference might be in the hardware for hanging it. On the one I have, you can see the hardware...there are tabs at the top that screws go through. A more "deluxe" model might have the hardware hidden behind it.

    Good idea on the shop cloth! And I'll remember turbo's suggestion to just rinse them in alcohol to clean and re-use them (I know alcohol cleans dry erase marker, but it never crossed my mind to use it to wash a cloth for cleaning the board). Those erasers they sell for dry erase markers are horrid! I had resorted to keeping a roll of toilet paper next to my dry erase board and using that to clean it, but I'd much prefer something reusable.
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    i love my board :) hehe, i've been doing physics problems for the past hour, i'm getting sleepy but i'm having too much fun.
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