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Dry Ice Storage

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    is it safe to store approximately 5-10 pounds of dry ice in a normal freezer, because my grandpa came to town today from his elk hunting trip, and he seems to think so. Please comment, because I know that dry ice can be dangerous if used improperly. The dry ice is currently being stored in a freezer with a volume of 12 cubic feet and the dry ice is in plastic bags. Thank you!
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    It will outgas carbon dioxide, so as long as you can handle that safely you are good to go. If you seal it in a bag, expect the bag to eventually fill up like a balloon and burst. If your freezer has a magnetic seal, expect it to pop the seal if the box is not otherwise vented. If it is a top loader, that will act like a relief valve.

    But be sure that you don't get an accumulation in the volume of air that you might breath.
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    "But be sure that you don't get an accumulation in the volume of air that you might breath."

    Remember that CO2 is denser then air so any gas will accumulate at ground level, it's probably prudent to keep pets and young children out of the room when opening the freezer.
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    10 pounds of CO2 in a small kitchen is enough to get more then 5% CO2 in the air. The CO2 will come out of the freezer even if you don't open it because of the pressure it builds up. So make sure there is enough ventilation. Keep the windows open.
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