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Drying speed of salt particle

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    When a bubble in the ocean bursts water drops are thrown into the air. How fast do these water drops dry out creating solid salt particles? There must be a formula for calculating this and I am guessing that the following variables must figure in the formula:
    - Droplet size
    - Salt concentration (Lets just assume that is is NaCl)
    - Relative humidity
    - Air speed around the particle
    - Temperature

    Or maybe someone just made a measurement.
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    I doubt they ever do dry out ... sodium chloride is hygroscopic . It absorbs moisture from the atmosphere when the relative humidity is above 75%
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    But they must dry out when the humidity is below 75% In my case when the air enters a ventilation duct where the air is heated slightly.
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    Look under "sea spray", or "aerosols", and see if you can find out some information for your inquiry.
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