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Dryness fraction

  1. Nov 27, 2007 #1
    does a high dryness fraction mean that the steam is dry or wet?
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    Dryness fraction? Do you mean quality?
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    possibly two different names for the same thing?

    what im talking about is the amount of unboiled water left in the steam.

    its used in the enthalpy and entropy equations:

    h= hf + x[dryness fraction].hfg

    s= sf + x.sfg
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    If a high "dryness factor" means there is a lot of unboiled water (i.e. water vapor) left in the steam, then I would think that would mean the steam is wet. I'm surprised they would call that "dryness"!
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    i looked further into my notes and i think it actually means the fraction of water that has been boiled into steam, explaining 'dryness'. thanks for your input!
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