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DSL trouble

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    Something wierd is happening to my internet. I have DSL and broadband as a phone company, my router is a d-link. Anyways, a couple of months ago nothing would happen when the phone rang, but now everytime the phone rings and gets turned off (after ending a call turning off the phone), my internet gets cut off for about 30 seconds, then comes back on. I dont know why its doing it now it never did it before and now all of a sudden, maybe for about 4months now its been doing it. I have no clue why and I have phone filters and such. ANybody know why?
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    Maybe you have a bad DSL filter...

    If it happens every time a phone call is made disconnect all devices on the phone line (phones, fax machines, etc) except for one phone. Make a phone call using the connected phone and see if the problem exists. If the problem still exists try swapping the DSL filter for the phone with one of the other filters and make another phone call. You may even want to purchase a new filter so you know it's good and see if you still have the problem.
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