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DSP courses choice help

  1. Mar 29, 2005 #1
    Dear All
    I have to select any five courses from the following list in my MS computer engineering. Actually I'm interested in audio and related MP3/DVD/Digital TV and video stuff. Can u guys help me in choosing the right courses.

    1) Advanced digital signal processing
    2) Digital image processing
    3) Advanced digital design
    4) Advanced computer architecture
    5) Adaptive filters
    6) Advanced VLSI design
    7) DSP software system design
    8) Computer vision
    9) Pattern recognition
    10) Time frequency analysis
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  3. Jul 22, 2005 #2
    I have changed my mind
    Thanks for sharing your opinions
  4. Jul 22, 2005 #3
    what is your aim? Design, hardware,software or application?

    if you were going into imaging or sound
    if you were going into an application like AI/ALife/or Adpative Learning
  5. Jul 26, 2005 #4
    As my previous job nature was that of electronics engineerng I want to choose from above mentioned subjects. Now my job is supposed to be same as that of my educational degree i.e. MSc Physics, I'm more interested in subjects like laser, electromagnetics, semiconductors & nanotech(preferebly laser).
    My aim is design and hardware.
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