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DSP help

  1. Oct 30, 2006 #1
    Hey guys ..

    Been ages since I've been here but ya.

    Anyway .. I'm doing my final year project at moment (wow .. i like registered on the forum back in my first year I think .. lol .. now I'm almost done).

    Im using a TI C6xxx series DSP for it and I'm going to feed video into it. Now, my project really is the DSP work .. I;m not wrried about the MPEG encoding blah blah ..

    I want to know how to actually interface the DSP and my PC. Obviously, I cant send the MPEG straight into the DSP. Is there any standard type software that will convert an MPEG movie into a bitstream so to allow me to send into the DSP>

    This is the part of my project that I'm not really suppose to focus on but hey, it needs to be done and i was hoping somebody could help me put with it.

    Thankeee kindly:biggrin:
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