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Dsp is:TMs320F28x

  1. Sep 13, 2009 #1
    I am currebtly working on a dsp, in a goal to implement a feedback system in the form of an LTI tranfer function that will stabilize a dc-dc converter.
    The problem is as follows:
    We have the digital desired transfer function, and the problem is how to work with the dsp for impelmentaion on the dsp.
    We are lookng for materail on line that will help us do that.
    our dsp is:TMs320F28x.
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    Re: Dsp??

    Is your problem related to your specific DSP, or how to convert your digital transfer function into code?
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    Re: Dsp??

    how to convert the digital transfer function into code.
    this is the problem.
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    Re: Dsp??

    If you can convert the transfer function into a difference equation, this should be pretty easy. If you need help, can you provide us with the transfer function?

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    Re: Dsp??

    thanks kerry
    i understand what you are saying...this is not tough to implement on the DSP i can figure it out for myself

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