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DSP Project Idea

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    So I'm taking an intro DSP class this summer and I need some ideas for a term project. I'm also taking a class on statistics and I'd like something that incorporates the two.

    The project will be implemented soley on matlab so no hardware ideas.

    I'm having problems coming up with things because I know nothing about DSP and since its a tight summer schedule the project will need to be proposed soon. I need something that could be completed in a few weeks and this judging of difficulty is proving to be hard for me.

    Im a dual EE/Math major so heavy math concepts would be fine and actually appreciated.
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    why not design an array of microphones to determine in what direction a firecracker was exploded like a sonar ranging device.

    Basically from your design geometry, you'd have to apply delays to signals from some mics and look at the resultant wave form (aka beam forming)
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