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Dual core programming

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    Hello all,

    I'm running a stochastic simulator for chemical rate equations and I'd like to know how to specifically impelement a dual core solution on my AMD athlon 64 X2 4200+ processors.

    When I run the task manager with the simulator running, it is apparent that both cpus are running cycles - but I'd like to rig it up to do this manually.

    Will I be dealing with OpenMP or MPI or something else altogether?

    any info would be appreciated
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    Just use more than one thread, and the OS will automatically load-balance the two cores effectively.

    - Warren
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    You can also assign different threads to run on different processors if you want to ensure they'll be running on different processors.
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    If you're planning on porting your code to a cluster, you'd probably want to go with a process-oriented library like MPI. Otherwise, either OpenMP or MPI should work okay. OpenMP requires compiler support. What OS are you running?

    Some compilers promise to automatically parallelize your code; my (very little) experience has been this doesn't work very well.

    Good luck,
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