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Dual Degree Question

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    I got a quick question concerning a Dual Degree in Physics and either ME or AE Engineering. First off, I’m thinking about transferring schools to do either ME or AE. I've been told that doing ME would be better because allot more people know what an ME does opposed to an AE. I really like airplanes and I am fascinated by there workings, so that’s why I thought transferring to a schools that offers AE would be wise. I just got accepted to Embry-Riddle, the best AE School in the country, but they do not offer physics degree. My other option, and closer to home, would be the University of Pittsburgh. They offer a joint Engineering/Physics Degree, but I would be required to do ME there. From what I gather, having a physics degree and an Engineering Degree would be extremely beneficial for whatever engineering you do. Basically what I am wanting to know is; Are ME's more "well known" then AE's and is it worth getting a Physics Degree,( I know it is from a educational stand point but does this equate into the salary)
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