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Dual Degree

  1. Jul 22, 2006 #1
    I am thinking of doing something called a "3+2" program, where I spend 3 years at my liberal arts college and 2 years at the Columbia Fu School of Engineering. I come out with a B.A. in any type of science or math from the liberal arts college and a B.S. in applied math (or any type of engineering like operations research). I think the benefit of this is that you get to experience two different college environments. I am thinking of doing a PhD in applied math( I know a lofty goal; it may change) after doing the "3+2 program." Have any of you, or any people you know done a dual degree, or something similar? Do you think this is a good idea?

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    any feedback is appreciated.

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    I haven't "done" a dual degree but yeah I would have loved to do a dual major in physics and mathematics as my interests lie completely in mathematical physics and applied mathematics. And I think having a math degree HUGELY helps in physics (esp theoretical physics). So go for it if you're interested.

    Best of luck.
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    How is Columbia's math/applied math department in comparision to other top schools?
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    I started out going for physics and music. It wasn't the same scenario, I was doing them both at the same time, and at first it was easy enough because I only had to focus on physics (I had learned a lot of music theory recreationally already) but once the music classes started getting intense, I had to drop them, and went full on physics b.s.

    For me, personally, liberal arts are something I practice in my spare time, and physics is my academics choice, but there's plenty of people who do it your way.

    I know this is a generic answer, but it fits: Do what you want.
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    Top 10 Applied Math programs according to US News World and Report 2007: Top Grad Schools
    1) NYU
    2) MIT
    3) CalTech
    4) UCLA
    5) University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
    6) Brown University
    7) Princeton
    8) Stanford (tie)
    8) University of Texas - Austin (tie)
    10) Berkeley

    so i guess it's not top 10, but it's probably a good-great applied math program.
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