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Dual Electrical/Computer Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering + Computer Science

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I have decided to major my engineering degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, however I only start this year.

I am interested in the field of robotics, specifically the side of the programming, developing intelligent machines and artificial intelligence etc.

My question is, would I still be able to apply for the same graduate degrees with a Dual Electrical/Computer engineering degrees as I would be able to with a Computer Science and Electrical Engineering degree?

It doesn't matter to much which I take at this point, as change to Computer Science at my university basically just adds and extra year to the degree, so technically I could do both. I don't want to add Computer Science however if it will have no additional bearing.

Thanks in advance.
Re: Dual Electrical/Computer Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering + Computer Scienc

For robotics Dual Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering or maybe a good Mechatronics degree. But out of the two I would take Electrical and Computer Science.
Re: Dual Electrical/Computer Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering + Computer Scienc

A bare electrical engineering degree would be very sufficient if you want to get into robotics.
I see no reason to spend an additional year at the university.
Also, if you need any computer science courses once you graduate, you can learn them on your own. Don't forget that there is some overlap between CE and CS courses.
Another factor to consider, is that as you progress in your study, you may want to graduate sooner if you're fed up or something.

Hence, I do find EE+CE a reasonable option.

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