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Dual monitors

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    I have an acer aspire30002 and i connected a dell flat panel monitor to it. The thing is I can never get them to display separate screens. I got them to display the same thing earlier but now only one at a time. Does this mean that the video card does not support dual monitors?
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    Most video cards do not support dual displays. What kind of video card do you have?

    - Warren
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    The external VGA port on laptops isn't intended for dual monitor support. It's just provided to give users the ability to switch from the laptop LCD display to a monitor or projector.
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    If this is yours: http://www.acer.co.in/products/notebooks/aspire3002.html [Broken] it has "Dual independant display". On my own laptop (not an acer, and a different video card then yours so this may not help at all) I have to go through the "display properties-Settings" to set up a dual desktop. Using the built in hardware function key flops back and forth between displays.
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    I have a SiS M760GX. But I don't think that I have this "Dual independent display support" with my Acer. Or maybe, because it does have the function button (Fn+F5) but I have not been able to use that. I have the cheaper version of the 3002 series and I think that may be why.
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