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Dual slit experiment

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    hello - I wonder has anyone tried to place a detector for (photons/particles) just as they leave the emitter. If so does the wave like behaviour disappear?
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    At the emitter or source does not make a diff.
    But there are many ways to detect "which way" or which slit and all remove the wave like interferance. Do a search here on "double slit" or "Erasure".
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    Ken G

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    Yes, RandallB is right, because a detector at the emitter really just turns that into the source. If you still have the same experiment with the source at that point, then you'll still get the same experimental result. If you move the detector closer to one of the slits, then you are in effect doing the experiment with the source at that point, and when you fail to illuminate the other slit with that source, then you will lose your interference pattern.
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