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Duality relationships between spinfoam and LQG

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    I know thanks to Marcus that there are papers, including an intro by Rovelli, that "together at last, LQG and spinfoam" -- that modifying or abandoning the barret-crane models in favor of spinform models by "Jonathan Engle, Etera Livine, Roberto Pereira, Carlo Rovelli" arXiv:0711.0146 "These results establish a bridge between canonical loop quantum gravity and the spinfoam formalism in four dimensions. "

    that canonical LQG dynamics can be defined in terms of spinfoam

    Asymptotics of LQG fusion coefficients
    Emanuele Alesci, Eugenio Bianchi, Elena Magliaro, Claudio Perini

    So for a given formulation of LQG, there exists an dual description in spinfoam?

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