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Aerospace Ducted fan modelling in Gambit

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    Hi, my name is Steve..

    I am working on a ducted fan. I want to simulate it in Fluent in order to optimize my design. I know that sliding mesh technique and multiple reference frame method will be used but I am having problems in Gambit.

    I do not know how to model it in Gambit. I have made my model in Pro Engineer and exported in IGS format. I made a box around the ducted fan and then subtracted the ducted fan (Duct + rotor) from the box using Boolean operation. But after subtracting it from Box only one volume is left.

    Please can someone guide me how to handle the box and ducted fan (duct + rotor) in Gambit. Because rotor is moving and duct is stationary.
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    Yes I am designing the duct. I want to estimate the thrust of ducted fan during hovering.

    Thanks for the help.
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