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Ductile iron for axle shafts?

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    A fellow on a Jeeping forum contends that axle shafts used in Jeep CJ Dana 30 front axles are made of ductile iron. I say they are made of a forged carbon steel similar in composition to 1040 or 1050 which I understand is commonly used in OEM axle shafts. Is it possible for ductile iron to withstand the torsional stresses that axle shaft are subject to? Bear in mind that this is a front axle so that includes U joint yokes for steering.
    Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    Ranger Mike

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    Axles typically are 5140 carbon steel..most aftermarket axle mfrs. use 4340 though 4140 has more " give" and some use 300M.

    Ductile iron will not take torsional stress

    when we ran " stock " axles we had to paint a stripe the length of the axles to monitor twist when the slicks were hooking up on the Plymouth SS/AA drag car. When the stripe approached 90 degrees we tossed them out
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    Very unlikely to be ductile iron...
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    I wouldn't of thought it would be ductile iron. I suppose it could be with it's mechanical properties, although it's typical a pain to machine.

    Would be interesting to hear a definitive answer.

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    Ductile iron is very soft. There is a very good reason for using carbon steel it lacks stiffness and has begins plastic deformation a lower strain rates than steel.
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    It still has a reasonable modules of rigidity and isn't all too far from steel. It's often used where a stronger material is required than aluminium yet steel isn't required.

    Hope that helps,
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    ductile iron is not soft, ductile iron has many degrees. by heat treatment ductile iron can change the property to some extent.
    for impact strength ductile is not better than steel. Mainly on this aspect ductile iron can not compete steel. but for small impact ductile has not big difference from steel.
    if ductile is used of important site. we must require for the chemical composition and microstructrue of the ductile part very detail. for example ,graphite in ductile iron shaould be ball shape, we must ask for a certain percentage of this kind of graphite .
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