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Ductile or brittle

  1. Aug 16, 2006 #1
    i force-elongation diagram, how can we know whether the material is ductile or brittle??any formula to calculate it??

    pls help
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    They can be identify quite easily as the following:

    If there is a very long section after yielding point, which we call the plastic deformation section, existing in the curve then it is ductile.

    If the curve is basically just a short section of straigth line obeying Hooke's law followed by a small, short curve indicating the breaking point or UTS, then it is brittle.
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    Just keep in mind that the actual micromechanism of fracture is not always that straightforward to identify from a force-displacement curve, in a case where several coexist (for example brittle failure can result after quite extensive plasticity). Typical formula would be those typically related to stress-strain curves or then fracture mechanical ones (usually the former, but don't know the "level" of your problem).
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