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B Due tomorrow HELP!!Physics Lab

  1. Dec 13, 2016 #1
    2 Pucks collide, Is Momentum Conserved? If not Explain what caused Momentum not to be conserved.
    Mass = 100g
    Velocity Xi = 5.2cm/s
    Velocity Yi = -9.9cm/s
    Velocity Final Xf=-6.8cm/s
    Velocity Final Yf = -7.3cm/s

    mass = 200g
    Velocity X2i = -5.2cm/s
    Velocity Y2i = -10.9cm/s
    Velocity Final X2f=-1.4cm/s
    Velocity Final Y2f = -10.3cm/s

    I tried using m1v1i+m2v2ix = m1v1fx +m2vxfx But I got crazy answers
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