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Just an empirical fact to throw into the mix: when the cylinder of the 6-shot revolver is spun, with one slot loaded and the others empty, if the pistol and cylinder are closer to upright than to upside-down when the cylinder is spun, there is a gravitational bias against the cartridge being in battery when the cylinder is repositioned into the frame after the spin.
Another programming comment. Although Python has a default function return value of None, I think that is unusual among programming languages. I recommend that you get in the habit of specifying a function return value in all cases:

Specify return value in all cases:
def b_shoots(chances, trigger_num):
    for i in range(trigger_num):
        a = random.choice(chances)
        if a == "d":
            return True
    return False
Please note also that Python retains, as distinguished from discarding, the value of the variable used for incrementation in a FOR (lowercase in Python) loop -- the value of that variable remains interrogable, and at the number of times the code inside the loop has run, after the loop is concluded -- in BASIC that value is zero after the loop . . .


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No doubt fools might duel using a single revolver. True idiots would use a semi-automatic pistol.

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