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Duke will have a new friend!

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    One of my wife's co-workers has a twin sister whose son had a dog that they picked up as a stray. He and his wife have moved to a place that will not allow dogs (very common situation in our state's financial turmoil) and since she already had a dog and a cat, the extra dog was a bit much for her. My wife called me today about the dog, and we have already placed him with a nice retired couple down the road. The dog is named "Roadie" since he was found out in the road as a pup. As near as I can tell from on-line images, he is a long-haired miniature dachshund. We gave the adopting couple a couple of bags of Iams Lamb and Rice formula and some tiny dog-biscuits. When they brought him over tonight, I realized that I had bagged up at least a week's worth of food for that little muffin. He is very cute, and I know that Duke will love him. He wants to play with the fire-chief's dog and she is a tiny Shi-Tzu that can't weigh more than 2#
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    Awww! That will be good for Duke!
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    That's nice :)

    Post a pic of Duke and his new friend!
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    I will when I get a chance. Today, Roadie took a couple of road-trips with his new owners to buy a harness, leash, food, etc, and they took off a while ago to take him to his first vet's appointment for a check-up, shots, etc. At a minimum, dogs have to have distemper and rabies certificates before you can register them, and in this area, preventive treatment for Lyme disease is highly recommended.

    They are already infatuated with their new dog, so it's going well.
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    Thats good to hear, I'm glad the pup has a forever home. I'm sure Duke will become best friends.
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