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News Dum-dum Daschle

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    Tom Daschle, the Highest ranking Democratic Senator prefers President Bush over Kerry, at least when it’s politically expedient to do so. This repugnant, democratic leader is running for re-election and praising President Bush in his campaign. His latest political ad features him hugging the president.

    I suspect the South Dakotan voter will get rid of this idiot molto rapidamente!
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    Wow, really ? Can you show us the link too ? I really want to see this.

    I've kinda heard that a bunch of republicans are actually standing up for Daschle because some out-of-state right-wing group is going about making smear ads and that's pi$$ing off the South Dakotan voters.
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    I never did like Daschle. Both major parties are ridiculously corrupt. Of the two, I strongly prefer the Democrats.
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    Until there's a better source than Drudge talking about this, I'll wait.

    Yes, it looks shady from the description...but I've read reports where Drudge shamelessly edits transcripts and puts things way out of context.
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    Daschle's not the only one who's hugged Bush, bi-partisan embraces are common and used all the time to show that people are really uniters. Hell, Ted Kennedy even ran an add for re-election last time he ran dubbed "Who's Goofier?"

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    SPARTANBURG, SC (Talon News) -- The campaign for Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD), who is running for his political life against Republican challenger John Thune, has a new television ad that began running this week featuring President George W. Bush and his political nemesis in the U.S. Senate hugging each

    other.http://www.talonnews.com/news/2004/august/0831_daschle_bush.shtml [Broken]
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    Daschle has a job to do and does it well: the job of the minority leader (from the party's point of view) is to be vocally and actively against everything the other party wants to do. His job is to be a thorn in the side of the Republican majority and he is.
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