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Homework Help: Dumb log question

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    I'm wondering how I would have continued solving this for the exact answer if [itex]\frac{log(27)}{log(3)}[/itex] had turned out to be irrational?
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    If log(m)/log(n) was irrational (call it p), then you'd just have solved it with algebra the usual way to get x in terms of p.


    (2x+1) = px + p

    x(2-p) = p-1

    x = (p-1)/(2-p)

    That would be an exact answer, but it wouldn't be a "nice number" (an integer or even a rational answer).
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    Saying "log(a)" and "log(b)" IS exact, even if you can't express those as rational numbers.

    xlog(a) + log(a) = 2x(log(b)) + log(b)

    x[log(a) - 2log(b)] = log(b) - log(a)

    [tex] x = \frac{\log(b) - \log(a)}{\log(a) - 2\log(b)} [/tex]

    and that would be your final answer, which is very much exact.
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    (2x+1) = px + p

    x(2-p) = p-1

    I am probably being incredibly dense, but I don't follow what you did here.
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    Yeah I realize that, it's like [itex]\sqrt{2}[/itex]. The problem I'm having is with the algebra.
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    Got it, I really was being dense. Thank you.
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    [tex] x\left (2-\frac{a}{b}\right )=\frac{a}{b}-1[/tex]
    [tex] x=\frac{\frac{a}{b}-1}{2-\frac{a}{b}}[/tex]

    edit: nvm, you got it
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