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News Dumping Mental Health Patients

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    "Dumping" Mental Health Patients

    State budget cuts making it tough to afford to care for your state's (Nevada's) mental patients? No problem, just drop them off at the bus stop with a ticket to California! Problem solved!

    Sounds like criminal neglect to me.
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    This is totally ridiculous... :surprised
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    They should at least be shipped to Washington, where they're fit right in.
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    This is nothing new - it happened duing the 1980s when the Federal government reduced support to states, and states started cutting budgets, and the mentally ill were deinstitutionalized. Some metropolitan areas put people on buses and sent them elsewhere. It was certainly a problem in Texas, where I lived, and homeless people in large and medium size cities increased. My wife worked in a mental health facility, and they experienced a dramatic rise in case load during the late 80s compared to earlier in the decade.
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    Thatcher started a similar "care in the community" policy in the UK, based on some policy strategy reports going back to the 1950s. I wonder if she gave Reagan the idea :smile:

    But the UK didn't bother issuing bus tickets, AFAIK.
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    As someone who suffers with mental health issues, what has been done to these people really pisses me off.

    Someone better become accountable to this. I will do further research and make the necessary calls/emails to voice my opinion on the matter.

    COMPLETELY unacceptable.
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    As much as it goes against the image of Canucks, a lot of our mentally challenged people end up homeless or incarcerated simply because they were misdiagnosed or otherwise fell through the cracks in the health care system. We don't bus them anywhere, but our assistance methods could use a bit of a boost. Unfortunately, it is by far the worst for aboriginals.
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    But if he were cared for, citizens of Nevada would have suffered a tax burden possibly equaling five cents apiece.
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    What is your philosophy on tax revenue? Should it only be spent on those who contribute to it, or what?
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    I wonder how long until these unfortunate souls end up in jail......
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