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Duncan in Fairbanks, AK

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    Hi Forum-Friends...

    Duncan Meyers. I'm not a physics major, nor can I do the math as well as you. But, I'm very curious to understand the physics involved in determining useful information in the world around me. I won't be very good at answering questions, although I sure will ask them. :)
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks Greg,

    How soon can I start asking questions?
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    Immediately :)
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    Where would be a good place in the forums to ask:

    How do I figure out the btu's required to bring the thermal mass of a steel pressure canner at 70 F up to 300 F?
    ~ Propane is fuel source.
    ~ The canner is broken into three pieces:
    1. Bottom plate is 36" in diameter and 1/2" thick.
    2. Vertical pipe (wall) is 3/8" thick and has a outside diameter of 36" and is 36" tall.
    3. Top plate is 40" in diameter and is 3/4" thick.

    How do I figure out the btu's required to fill the canner with steam at 20 psig?
    How much water is needed?
    ~The internal volume is 36643.536 cubic inches.
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    Feels like a General Engineering problem
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