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Dune books

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    In my time I've read many different books from many different genres.

    Among all the books that I've read, to this day Dune stands as the greatest book I've ever read, and it got me thinking.

    What if instead of the bible, or any holy text (Koran, Tanakh, etc..) dune was written in their place.

    The world might be more mathematically / scientifically inclined, and over the course of 2000 years our evolution might have changed so drastically people today could have the abilities of the mentats.

    That would be pretty damn awesome!
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    Re: Dune

    and everybody would be high on spice?
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    Re: Dune

    that would also be awesome.
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    Re: Dune

    It's also the best strategy game.

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    Re: Dune

    They made a new Dune game? Maybe I'll have to look that up.

    I only just read the dune series a couple years ago, not including all the extra prequals and such. I rather enjoyed it, even the ones that people say are not very good. Perhaps it is due to all the hype but as much as I like them I never really thought them to be as great as so many people seem to think. Maybe its because all of the ideas in the books just weren't very new to me.
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