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Durian + beer

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    In my part of the world, durian is regarded as the king of fruits. I myself don't like it personally, but I was just wondering if anyone here knows why (EDIT: and how) durian eaten with a drink of beer may be fatal. Apparently, it causes some kind of an explosion in your bowels. I'm not sure if any of this is true, but until I do, I best eschew from carrying out any personal experiments. Anyone here care to give it a go? :wink:
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    From this site

    http://www.2bangkok.com/2bangkok/news.shtml [Broken]
    It is probaly a urban legend.
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    In the U.S. a glass of milk with cherry pie is considered poisonous by some --- just souring of the milk by the cherries, and the durian-alcohol connection is probably similar folklore. At the same time, alcohol DOES affect transport of chemicals across cell membranes; the variety of sulfur compounds present in durian, and their concentrations in the fruit to be detectable by scent at a distance of a kilometer --- again, probably not a problem, but the variability in taste, odor, and texture described for this little stinker leaves room for the odd question here and there regarding ranges of concentrations of toxic materials in the fruits "on the hoof."
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