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Dust Collection Foot Air Flow Help

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    Please move to the right place if I have posted in the wrong location.

    I want to improve the performance of my dust collection foot on my CNC machine.

    I am using a dust collector that has a 2 HP, 120 volt, 60 Hz, 20 amp peak, single-phase motor. It generates 1550 CFM air suction capacity.

    My dust collection foot (DCF) has a 4" extension where the hose from the DC attaches and were the router fits through the DCF there is a 4" dust collection hole. The length of the DCF from outside of the DC Tube to the Router collection Hole is 13" The tunnel from the 4" circles is 1" heigh X 4" wide.

    Am I getting the best suction I can? I can increase the height of the tunnel slightly.

    How can I improve the design to get maximum suction?


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