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News Dutch political earthquake

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    The elections for a new parliament have caused remarkable shifts in political Netherlands. It's all recorded here already (tentatively - it's not formal yet). Note the big plusses and minusses. A sharp right turn was made.

    Basically the moderate center (CDA) has suffered, while the liberals (VVD) became the largest party, but the big gain of the liberal nationalist party (PVV) has shocked many. These results have prompted the prime minister and CDA leader, Jan Peter Balkenende to retreat from politics completely.

    The sharp constrasts between the parties will obstruct the formation of a strong government, capable of taking firm decisions with a broad support, which seems very important in these times of fragile economical balances.

    It's almost impossible not to have an opinion about the way ahead for The Netherlands, what is yours?
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    The chaos that is called election result, is not really a surprise. Part of the voters has simply had it with the current government, and have placed a strategic vote for the liberal party (VVD), implying they want serious cutbacks to solve the crisis. Others believe that the social party (PvdA) is the way to go, and pumping money into the economy is the best course of action. And then of course there is a big mass of brainless zombies who hear "islam" and vote for what you so nicely describe as the "liberal nationalist party".

    I wonder how on earth a stable government can be formed from this. I suspect the answer is: you can't. Perhaps the "paars+" combination (liberal, socialist, green and democrat parties) is the best bet, but I am afraid that with so many parties the coalition agreement will contain no more than long-debated sentences, with all the commas carefully placed such that no-one might take offense, but without any true solutions.
    Actually I was considering the possibility of a minority coalition. For example VVD/PvdA/D66 would obtain 71 seats of the 75 needed for a majority, needing just the support of a single other party (almost anyone will do) for any particular bill.
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    I think the Netherlands is on a pretty sound footing, economically. It's not Greece or Italy.

    Perhaps it's best that the government is weak and divided. Nothing meaningful gets done. No big changes.

    I like the market oriented VVD, but I think they'll need a cycle or two more before the Dutch warm to them.
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    Any guesses as to what this change in government will do to current Dutch policy for Afghanistan and troop support there?
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