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News Dutch Tax Haven

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    Who would have though that our "socialist" country would be labeled as such.

    http://crossroadsmag.eu/2009/05/netherlands-is-tax-haven-obama-says-dutch-government-astonished-at-tax-haven-branding/ [Broken]

    I am sure that this will be rectified soon.
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    Then why do we pay so many taxes?
    If I read that article correctly I can stay where I am but pay less, if I officially emigrate to the US and set up a business which employs me in the Netherlands?
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    Someone has to!
    The Netherlands benefits because although foreign companies pay less tax there - all their workers do. Many US companies have their European headquarters in the Netherlands because of this.

    There used to be some good deals for foreign workers as well - you could opt to just pay a flat rate (25% IIRC) tax for the first 10years - which is why non-profit organisations like ESA are there. And of course it's a great country to live and work in.

    There's a similiar setup in Ireland although it also promoted itself as a cheap labor market which is a bit short sighter.
    Ireland has been in trouble with the EU for allowing some interesting tax rules. Microsoft, Dell, Google and Amazon are all based in Ireland and somehow manage to only make a profit there - while making a loss in all other European countries?
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