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Duty cycle and frequency doubt

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    I am making some modifications in my programm that had written by someone. it is about a flame machine and AC mains frequency is 50Hz. Now, the program is working for outputting a 20ms continous flame that means it is quiet clear that it was working at 100% duty cyle(not sure!). I want to make modifications in program to get atleast a continous flame for 1second or more. I think it is not possible because of it is already working at full duty cycle(not sure!) or am i missing soemthing? The signal that i am working with is PWM. Can i get any help here?
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    jim hardy

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    a picture would be worth a thousand words.

    Program that puts out a flame? as in extinguish a flame or write to a USB blowtorch?

    Not trying to be a wise guy here, just your question is not at all descriptive.

    Can you slow down and help us understand what you have?

    old jim
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    Me too, Jim. Just what is this about?
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    jim hardy

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    Firewire ?

    Seriously, i didnt mean to chase him away...

    Our fossil plant had some flame detectors that measured fluctuatuions in UV region if i recall... i'd be wary of tinkering with those as they were protective equipment on a boiler.
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