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Dvd burning

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    Please help.After quite some difficulty, I have converted our family video tapes to the computer as .wmv files .I have tried using software to burn them onto discs but these are not being accepted by my outside dvd player and cannot be played .If it is a format problem , how do I know what the correct format should be ? Thankyou
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    DVD players normally play DVD ifo files not wmv video clips. But some DVD players do accept wmv videos, so can you check if your DVD player has wmv support?
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    Windows Movie Maker [available with XP... not sure about Vista] can create a DVD [viewable on typical DVD players] from .wmv videos. Depending on the target DVD player, you may find that it is picky about the DVD media format (DVD+R vs DVD-R.. and possibly DVD+/-RW).

    I'd be curious to know of other DVD authoring solutions... preferrably freeware.... and full-featured and reliable.
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    Just an unrelated question, why did you sign up to a physics forum for IT support?
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    Why wouldn't he? It is the computers section. Also maybe he will come back at a later date for questions like this or even just for general discussion. Many other forums are not as useful as this one.

    Is there anyway where you could just take the DVI or VGA output or even S-Video output and input it into the T.V.? Or even the back of the DVD player? Or do you just want to have it a lot more portable in a DVD format?
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    If it's not simply a disc format problem then this program is free to try so at least you can see if it works before you buy it. http://www.dvdsanta.com/ [Broken]
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    Thankyou for all your help.I have solved the problem by using a program called DVD FL
    ICK which creates a VIDEO TS folder which has VOB files which are then burnt to disc
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