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DVD Movies

  1. Jan 28, 2006 #1
    Yesterday I burnt a movie to a dvd using windvd, so last night I went to watch it downstairs in the dvd player, it turned out to be very choppy and a result of the choppiness there was a delay in the sound.
    I have a P4 with 512mb RAM in a new laptop. Whats the problem? Anyone else use windvd?
    And what other programs do people use to burn dvd 'Movies' from their hard drive?
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  3. Feb 11, 2006 #2
    I am a big fan of clonedvd comboed with anydvd

    other programs include
    DvD Ghost
    Dvd Region
    Encore Dvd
    Dvd Shinker
    Dvd Sanda
    Dvd xCopy Platinum
    and many more
    however clone dvd does everything i need

    If you just get anydvd from the makers of clone dvd you can use normal programs like nero to burn copyrighted discs... for backups of discs only of course lol
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