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DVD output to colour LEDs

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    I am working on a sound/light installation at the moment and was hoping that someone on here might be able to help me with a question i have.

    I would like to use the composite output from a DVD player to control the intensity and hue of LED light (or 3 (RGB) if need be). So essentially the LED will act in the same way as a projector/television would however is smaller and cheaper :).

    I'm not sure if there i something like this on the market or if this is even achievable.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    A frame of video contains all kinds of different colors and intensities throughout -- how are you going to decide which of the millions of colors present in the image will end up on your tri-color LED?

    - Warren
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    Hi Warren

    The source footage has all equal colour and intensity across the frame, but changes as time progresses. Thus each pixel is identical at points throughout.

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    You would need to decode the composite output from the DVD player into RGB outputs.
    You could connect your display to the monitor output of a computer.
    Or scavenge some of the circuitry from an old TV.
    I don't know if a standalone composite to RGB converter is available, perhaps.
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    I have done something similar before. Use Max MSP with Jitter, you'll need a video ADC if your using a standalone DVD player, the output interface I used was an Arduino board.
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