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DVD-R/RW not working?

  1. Dec 4, 2006 #1
    I have a Toshiba laptop with a DVD-R/RW drive but when I put (2 different types of) DVD+RW disk into the drive, it dosen't read my disk and spends a lot of time 'thinking' by making sounds of reading but not doing anything. Why dosen't it read my disk? Do I need to install another program. Strangely it did read a DVD+R disk. It also reads and plays DVD movies without a problem.
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    Try right-clicking on the drive icon then clicking "Properties" - you might get some hint from that.
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    Is your DVD+RW disk ok, that is it has no scratches or dirt on it?
    Does the DVD+RW disk work on your computer (not the laptop)?

    Does your Toshiba DVD-drive still read normal DVDs and DVD-R's or
    doesn't it play any DVDs now?
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    Did the drive ever read that disk properly? If you look at the specs for the drive it should tell you if it's capable of reading a DVD+RW disk.
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